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the new April 2021 indexes are out

Please see our latest numbers. As usual, there are a few changes, including a rolling base adjustment and a new foot health index for corns. For more information on the rolling base adjustment, click here. Some older bulls get more daughters, and see their numbers going up or down. Our genomic bulls see also some variations.
Once again, Jesse is the number one proven bull of the breed. His incredible success in combining high milk and body condition/beef value is a vindication of our program. Unfortunately we cannot get him anymore, and you will not see him on our list, but his son Nestar is available and he too combines qualities of production and functionality, dual-purpose aptitude and excellent somatic cell count.
Recent additions Olympe (A2A2, BB Kappa Casein) and Ocasse (A2A2, AB Kappa Casein) still show the highest fat % we’ve ever carried: respectively .39 and .42. It’s cream that’s coming out. And their protein % is also high: .28 (our highest) and .04. They’re also two medium size dual-purpose bulls with good milk and functionals. They will undoubtedly do well in the US market. 
Our previous newcomers were Oroi, a top notch bull with great production, positive on both components, dual purpose qualities, good legs, good udder and amazing udder health; Orelio, great production, excellent feet & legs, and some of the best somatic cell count and udder health; Orno is a very complete bull with great components (both positive), excellent legs, the best udders of our lineup, medium size and calving ease. This is a bull that can be used in a wide range of situations.
The previous bulls of our lineup remain stable:  Icarius: with 164 daughters in production, he’s become a well proven bull for type, production & components (positive for both fat and protein). In addition, his medium size, calving ease and good functionals make him a well rounded sure value. Infinity is now a well seasoned bull with 1399 daughters currently in production. He remains an exceptional cheese specialist thanks to his high protein (+0.22) and lower fat (-0.07) for those who need that ratio.  Jorino is often underestimated because of his components but he brings very interesting qualities to the table: dairiness, great feet & legs, excellent udder with the best rear attachment of our lineup (+1.6), good functionals and amazing calving ease (94). With the best calving ease of our lineup (95) and good production, Lamier, our shortest bull, is known for his small calves and great dual-purpose numbers, good production and especially butterfat. Landel provides a unique combination of production, functionality and calving ease, a rare occurrence. Maanonu remains our number one for milk production and is another example of high numbers while preserving excellent udders, legs and functionals. Mercure shows good fat %, production and exceptional disposition. Monza is another one of our good dual-purpose bulls. In addition to bringing good protein % (+.13) and fat, he also shows the protein/fat ratio that many cheesemakers like, along with exceptional somatic cell count.  Nesthy show a very high fat % (.36) and the best somatic cell count of our lineup, along with good balanced traits. Nintendo is positive for both components with good protein (.11) and a good protein/ration that’s favorable for cheese making with good milk and great feet & legs while Niville has the best combination of beef value, udder type & quality and functionals. Nestar, a son of Jesse, is channeling his sire by bringing great milk and excellent dual-purpose and functional balance, and that’s a rare combination.
We do have sexed semen of Niville, Nesthy, Nestar and Oroi. Please check for availability.

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Straws are 1/4 cc and we can sell you an AI gun for $25.00. Discounts are available for larger orders. 

A few tips to understand our proofs

The French proofs follow the same principles as the US ones, but there are a few differences. In addition, some traits are specific to the Normande breed. For more details, please click below.
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Raised on the pastures of Normandy, France, the Normande is a hardy breed that has been selected for the efficient production of high quality milk for butter, cream and cheese, as well as unsurpassed marbled beef.

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Please call us at 612-823-7212 or send an email. Orders are shipped from Wisconsin in dry shippers via Spee Dee or Fedex Ground.


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