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strength, health & fertility

Because the Normande has not been selected on milk only, it has maintained the basic qualities of a sound cow, with a good body condition, overall sturdiness & fitness, and excellent fertility.

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ideal for crossbreeding

Whether you have a conventional or a grazing dairy, crossing your dairy herd with the Normande breed is a good tool to improve fertility, health, longevity and components. 

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the cheese specialist

No other breed is as closely associated to high quality cheeses at the Normandy. Thanks to unique characteristics, the Normande milk is one of the best suited to cheese production. 

dual-purpose excellence

Normande beef shows exceptional marbling and taste while growth rates and carcass yield often compare with beef breeds.

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the ultimate grazer

The Normande was developed over centuries on the pastures of Normandy and has been groomed for the best conversion of grass and roughages.

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The Normande is known for being one of the most docile breeds in the world of both beef and dairy cattle.

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branding power

The Normande’s unique look is a great asset for the branding of the quality dairy and beef products of the breed.

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worldwide presence

From the high slopes of the Andes to the tropics and the cold Canadian plains, the Normande has set a foot all over the world.

an historical breed

Coming into shape between different local populations in the 1700s, the Normande gradually became a modern breed by the end of the 19th century. 

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a unique breed

Raised on the pastures of Normandy, France, the Normande is a hardy breed that has been selected for the efficient production of high quality milk for butter, cream and cheese, as well as unsurpassed marbled beef.

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