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Normande: a unique dual purpose breed with high quality beef & milk

  • the ultimate cheese breed: high protein %, BB kappa casein, high calcium, small miscelle
  • tremendous forage and grass conversion
  • ideal for crossbreeding in both intensive and grass-based operations
  • fertility and docility
  • outstanding growth and marbling for valuable cull cows and calves

The Normande Breed

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Normande x Holstein Postma3392

Why Crossbreeding?

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A Unique Breed

Raised on the pastures of Normandy, France, the Normande is a hardy breed that has been selected for the efficient production of high quality milk for butter, cream and cheese, as well as unsurpassed marbled beef.

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How To Order Semen

Please call us at 612-823-7212 or send an email. Orders are shipped from Wisconsin in dry shippers via Spee Dee or Fedex Ground.

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