Welcome to the International Normande Conference

September 29 - October 4
World Dairy Expo
Madison, Wisconsin

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Mark and Redrose

2008 is a breakthrough year for the Normande. We are organizing a landmark event this fall at the World Dairy Expo in Madison, Wisconsin. CINOR 2008 consists in the Normande International Conference, a Normande exhibit on the World Dairy Expo grounds, a special 10-day promotion of Normandy products and specialties in a select number of Madison stores and restaurants, and a pre and post conference tour of Normande farms in the Wisconsin hills.

The Normande International Conference
(CINOR or Conférence Internationale de la race Normande)

will take place Tuesday September 30 and Wednesday October 1 in the Exhibition Hall at the World Dairy Expo. Presenters and attendees from all over the world will share with us their experiences with the Normande breed. The conference will highlight the main qualities of the Normande, i.e. its sturdiness and adaptation to grazing and sustainable farming practices, as well as its association with high-quality and high added-value products. Simultaneous interpretation in French and Spanish will smooth language barriers. See the right column for more info.

The Normande Pavilion:

Throughout the Expo, a dedicated Normande Pavilion will showcase ten of the best Normande cows and crosses in the United States. Normande cheeses, biscuits, hard cider and other specialties along with Wisconsin organic products will be sampled in the Pavilion, thus illustrating the value-added quality of the Normande breed. The Pavilion will also host other French and American companies sharing the sustainable values of the Normande breed.

Madison celebrates the Normande terroir
(terroir = a sense of place as a source of food):

Normande is to France what Wisconsin is to America, i.e. a dairyland. And when it comes to the direct marketing of dairy products or cheese-making, the Normande breed confers technical qualities and delivers a powerful branding tool. Madison area restaurants are picking up on the message and are planning special menus featuring Normande products and specialties. Participating restaurants are: L’Etoile, Magnus, Fresco, Ocean Grill , Le Chardonnay, Harvest , Nadia’s, Morels, Sardine, Johnny Delmonico's Steakhouse, Orpheum, and Otto's Restaurant & Bar. In addition, a number of stores will organize a special promotion of Normande products: Fromagination, Steve’s Wine Markets, Whole Foods Market, Sentry Metcalfe,and Barriques Market.

A pre and post-conference tour:

Starting Monday September 29, CINOR attendees will have the opportunity to tour Normande farms and discover the beauties of the Wisconsin rolling hills and the Mississippi Valley. Both international visitors and Americans alike are welcome to join the tour. You can download the itinerary and package below. English, Spanish and French versions are available. Tour packages may vary according to geographical situations. Please contact us for details.

Fall Colors of Wisconsin

Download CINOR 2008 Tour Brochure
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Download CINOR 2008 Tour Brochure
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Download CINOR 2008 Tour Brochure
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Download CINOR 2008 Tour Brochure
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A two-day conference
Sept 30-Oct 1
Exhibition Hall
World Dairy Expo

Enthusiastic Exhibitors

The goal of the CINOR is to review the current status and future prospects of the Normande in a global econ­omy. The conference will bring together many of the world's associations, in particular Colombia, Chile, Uruguay, Belgium, Ireland, Great Britain, the Czech Republic, as well as Mexico, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Argentina, Brazil and possibly others.

Following the presentations from each association, the conference will explore five principal themes:

  1. Adaptability of the Normande breed to grazing throughout the world and overall functional qualities (sturdiness, fertility, health)
  2. Use of the Normande for crossbreeding purposes in both intensive and extensive systems around the world
  3. Cheese-making qualities of the Normande milk from a technical and marketing point of view, with a compre­hensive look at the importance of BB Kappa Caseine and fat micelle
  4. Dual-purpose qualities of the Normande breed, with a special consideration of finishing off on grass
  5. Perspectives on the future of Normande genetics, with projected productions for the next 10-20 years and new possibilities for selection through advanced technologies
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