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A two-day conference
Sept 30-Oct 1
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World Dairy Expo

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The goal of the CINOR is to review the current status and future prospects of the Normande in a global econ­omy. The conference will bring together many of the world's associations, in particular Colombia, Chile, Uruguay, Belgium, Ireland, Great Britain, the Czech Republic, as well as Mexico, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Argentina, Brazil and possibly others.

Following the presentations from each association, the conference will explore five principal themes:

  1. Adaptability of the Normande breed to grazing throughout the world and overall functional qualities (sturdiness, fertility, health)
  2. Use of the Normande for crossbreeding purposes in both intensive and extensive systems around the world
  3. Cheese-making qualities of the Normande milk from a technical and marketing point of view, with a compre­hensive look at the importance of BB Kappa Caseine and fat micelle
  4. Dual-purpose qualities of the Normande breed, with a special consideration of finishing off on grass
  5. Perspectives on the future of Normande genetics, with projected productions for the next 10-20 years and new possibilities for selection through advanced technologies
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